5 Ways to Cure a Hangover

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Life is full of pains and pleasures. Being hungover is one of the them.

Sipping cocktails can be an enjoyable experience. People drink to celebrate, socialize, or relax. I love indulging in sangrias, Hennessy mimosas, and other cocktails during a social occasion. It’s a soothing experience.

However, excess drinking can cause a hangover. And the hangover experience is no joke. You would feel nauseous, dehydrated, and dizzy. I’ve experienced many hangovers back in the day.

The first hangover I had was in high school. I was with a friend and we mixed 99 bananas with Coca Cola. Only 30 minutes later I found myself half naked rolling on top of someone’s car. The next day I could barely walk and talk.

From that day I vowed to never drink alcohol.

And then adulthood came.

As an adult I’ve been to many social events and fraternal functions where I’ve indulged in alcohol and became hungover. Those experiences were pleasing but painful. I would drink two or 3 Long Iced Teas or a cup of Blue Juice. At first I would feel good. But the next morning I would feel like a zombie,

Fortunately, over the years I’ve learned all sorts ways to cure hangover.

Here are 5 key tips:

Drink water

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Alcohol is a diuretic substance. This means it removes liquid from the body which causes dehydration. By drinking lots of water an intoxicated person will become hydrated.

Drink Tomato Juice

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According to Healthprep, tomato juice activates the enzymes in your liver and cleans out intoxicants. The vitamins and nutrients in tomato juice helps does that. Some say that drinking tomato juice is better than drinking water.

Eat Bananas

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As mentioned in a health article on Eat This, Not That website bananas are packed with vitamins and minerals which help boost energy. Eating bananas has been refreshing after a long night out(smiles)

Consume Honey

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Honey has an ingredient called fructose which honey is a good source of energy. If you had a long night out get some honey and mix it in tea or with a fruit.

Drink Bouillon Soup

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Drinking bouillon soup has relieved me while I’ve been hungover. According to health care professionals salt is replaced in the body. In my culture bouillion soup is a magic potion.

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