No Shave November- #letitgrow

No Shave November is here. Put down that razor.

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There are plenty of reasons why men grow beards. Some reasons include showing their masculinity, reducing infections, and to appear more attractive. Having and growing a beard has become such a popular trend that there’s even a national competition for men with beards called the National Beard and Moustache Championship as well as a day party series called Must Love Beards.

In recent times there has been a highly significant reason for men to grow beards.

During the month of November more men then usual grow their beard or moustache to raise cancer awareness. Many cancer patients lose their hair and are unable to fully grow it back.

The tradition of No Shave November began in 2009. Matthew Hill, a father of eight, passed away due to colon cancer in 2007. Two years later a tradition was started in which participants of No Shave November would not shave and let their beards grow. Some persons would also not shave or wax any parts of their body. Instead of spending money on shaving participants would make donations towards cancer research. Several organizations have participated in the No Shave November movement including St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The American Cancer Society.

Although men usually participate in the No Shave November movement women(with or without beards) can become involved. If you would like to participate and donate to the movement you can go to It’s definitely a cause worth supporting.

In celebration of No Shave November I’ve arranged a list of men with beards:

1. Marlon Hassan

attractive black guy with scruffy beard

2. Devon Johnson


3. Lamont Johnson


4. D. Leak


5. Aaron Chavis


6. Rio Skot


7. Lloyd Boston


8. Jonathan Smith


9. Hallo Smith


10. Ross Kim


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