Retro Wave Outfits of the 1990s

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The 1990s is one of the most interesting decades.  Great music, great shows, and best of all great fashion came from the 90s.

The 90s era was considered a time of youthfulness and rebellion.  Hip hop and grunge music rose in popularity which impacted the way the youth expressed themselves.  Fashion became less conservative and people began to dress in more flamboyant clothing.  Popular tv sitcoms like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, A Different World, and Saved by the Bell showcased a jazzy sense of fashion among youth and young adults.  Crop tops,  skids, combat boots, turtlenecks, and track jackets were some of the fashionable attire of the 1990s.  Fashion has changed since then but some of today’s clothing incorporate fashion styles of the 1990s.

Here are some of today’s current fashion trends and clothing that are retro rave:

  1. Fila Disruptor II


This item is definitely retro wave.  Filas were very popular back in the day but decreased in popularity over time.  Slowly, the brand has regained its popularity, especially with its oversized sneaker.

2. Gucci Courier GG Supreme belt bag

This accessory brings back youthful memories. Fanny packs were very trendy during the 1990s.  The trend has returned recently especially among Gucci aficionados.

3. Adidas Track Jacket

Track jackets were a mainstream fashion for both men and women during the 1990s.  The attire was usually worn with gold chains and other accessories.

4.  Dr. Marten’s Pascal Boot

The Doctor Martens brand was formed in the 1960s.  The brand rose in popularity during the 1990s as many people appealed to grunge fashion.  You’ll often see many of the gays wearing these boots out here in NYC during brunch.

5. Polo Classic Fit Shirt

I can remember my older brother and his peers wearing these types of shirts decades ago.  This shirt has a patch stripe which gives it a vintage look.

6. Nike Air Max 95


Ever since it’s debut in 1987 the the Nike Air Max brand has been successful.  One of the most popular sneaker lines of the brand has the the Air Max 95.

7.  J.Crew Rollneck Sweater

Originally introduced in 1988 J.Crew has brought back its line of unisex rollback sweaters.  Nice sweater to wear to brunch.