13 Gay Bars in NYC You Should Go To

Gay bars in NYC provide a fun nightlife scene.

one of the gay bars in NYC

NYC is always lit. Figuratively and literally.NYC queer nightlife has always been unique and diverse. Nightclubs, bars, lounges, and many other types of establishments make up the NYC queer scene. Tourists can easily be overwhelmed with the countless options of gay parties and gay events. No matter the day of the week you can have an exciting time in the NYC. So if you’re looking for a bae or just looking for some casual fun you’ll definitely get that experience here in NYC.In the most recent times many gay bars of the past have closed down. However there are still plenty of places you can go to.Below is a list of some of the best gay bars in NYC:1. BoxersI love going to Boxers. This gay sports bar has several locations in the city with a new location that recently opened in Washington Heights. The bartenders are some of the sexiest staff you’ll see at a NYC gay bar. As the name suggest the bartenders walk around shirtless with boxers. I’ve been here different days of the week and there’s always a crowd. There’s a weekly party on Fridays called Mister Noir in Hell’s Kitchen. Definitely a great time. There is a cover charge but definitely worth it.

2. The Ritz Bar and Lounge

The Ritz stands in its own category. This 2 floor venue provides an enjoyable experience for all types of crowds. From Monday to Sunday the Ritz hosts events and parties. You’ll see cute go-go dancers, drag performers, and a slew of other entertainers at the venue. If you haven’t been here you definitely should check it out.

3. The Hangar

This West Village establishment draws a mixed crowd. The venue is pretty spacious and even has an area where you can play billiards. The best aspect of this bar is the selection of men. If you’re single and ready to mingle you can definitely shoot your shot here.

4. Eagle

This popular leather gay bar has historical roots in NYC. In 1970 this establishment was originally named Eagles Open Kitchen and was turned from a pub into a leather/levi bar. Back in the earlier ages the entry requirements were strict: you had to wear leather gear in order to enter and appear very masculine. Now all types of patrons, gay and straight, frequent this club. This one of the gay bars in NYC that all gays should go to at least once.

one of the gay bars in NYC that attracts leather men

Courtesy of Eagle

5. Townhouse Bar

Townhouse is not your average bar. Two words to describe this bar: high siddity. This is one of the very few gay establishments that has a piano bar. The venue has a strict dress code so make sure you at least have on a blazer. If you want to meet a sugar daddy or sugar baby this is spot to go to.

6. BSquared Harlem

If you want an upscale experience this is the place to go. Billie’s Black restauranteur Adrian Ferguson and HGTV celebrity designer Mikel Welch founded this upscale bar/restaurant in Harlem, New York. The establishment has a dining area on the ground floor and a lounge area in the basement. The food is pretty decent and the drinks are no too expensive.

7. Industry

Featured in several magazines Industry has been rated as one of New York’s best bars. Every day of the week the bar has a full lineup of performers and entertainers.

8. Castro Bar

Uptown has some of the most gorgeous Latin men and you’ll find many of them at Castro’s bar. Thursday nights is one of the best nights to go. Sexy dancers, good drinks, and a varied selection of music will having you want to come back to this vibrant place.

9. Hombres Lounge

The name is very fitting for this Queens bar. Back in my young thotful days I would party at this location and have the times of my life. Just about every weekend this place gets packed out. One of the best parties is the All White event which takes place around the summer.

10. Stonewall Inn This place has a rich history. Gay or straight you’ve heard of Stonewall Inn. It’s the birthplace of the Stonewall Riots. I’ve been here a couple of time and it still has retained that old school look. Every day of the week there are different events ranging from karaoke to drag shows. The crowd is mixed so you’ll definitely people of all races and ethnicities. No cover charge! It you come to Worldpride this must be the first place to attend.


Courtesy of Stonewall Inn

11. Friends Tavern


Courtesy of Friends Tavern

Friends Tavern is located on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, a popular strip in Queens. The bar attracts a large Latino crowd. The crowd is definitely friendly and doesn’t give off that stuck up vibe that you may encounter in Manhattan venues. The times I’ve gone here I’ve met people around my age (33) and older. The music is mostly Latin based but you’ll hear pop, house, rap, etc.

12. Albatross Bar

Courtesy of Albatross

Albatross Bar is another bar in Queens. This is the oldest gay bar in in the borough. If you’re looking for something that’s not too hyped and low key you should go to this venue. The bar is open Monday thru Sunday and there are different events that take place from Game of Throne viewings to bingo events.

13. Therapy

Another bar in Hell’s Kitchen. The spot hosts plenty of entertaining drag shows. I came here on a Monday night and had the time of my life. I seen the famous drag queen “Bob” who was hilarious. Therapy has two floors so there’s plenty of room to move around and not feel you’re in a tight space.