Black Pride Celebrations You Should Attend

Black Pride is a celebration that all persons should attend.

There are limited spaces for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community to gather and unite, especially for persons of color. Black Gay Pride helps to solve that problem.

What is Black Pride?

Black Pride and Black Gay Pride are used interchangeably. Black Gay Pride is a movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) persons of color that spans across the U.S and overseas. The movement started in 1988 as single event in Los Angeles among a group of friends and evolved into much more. Gay Pride and Black Gay Pride are both similar lgbt movements in that they raise awareness of the lgbt community, support gay rights, and promote the existence of LGBT friendly spaces. Their use of the word “pride” is to emphasize the notion that no matter of your sexual orientation or gender identity you should be proud of who you are. The distinguishing factor between Gay Pride and BGB is that Black Gay Pride brings more cultural awareness to issues affecting persons of color and celebrates African American and Latino lgbt culture. Many persons of color have complained that at Gay Pride persons of color have felt socially excluded. In his article “Black Pride: We we need an event to celebrate being black and gay” Michael Baggs’ states that Black Gay Pride celebrations helps to bring together more LGBTIA persons of color. And indeed, it does.

Major cities like UK, Atlanta and D.C host BGP and provide many a wide array of events for their attendees. These events include educational sessions, forums, and parties. Educational sessions include sexual health workshops which help to lessen the stigma of HIV/AIDSand encouraged the use of Prep and other safe sex methods and preventions. Forums are centered around black conversations that are typically not spoken like mental health wellnes and same-sex marriage. The overall purpose of BGP events is to raise awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity, primarily for persons of color, and to bring the lgbtq community together. Transgender, bisexual, gay, and straight persons can come together and enjoy themselves.

The most popular Gay Black Pride celebrations are Atlanta Pride and D.C Pride. These cities draw thousands of LGBT persons from all over the country at their pride festival and events. You’ll find interesting lineups of artists and TV personalities at these events including Lil Kim, Dreamdoll, Bobby Littes, Mariah Lynn, and others.

History of Black Pride

Black Pride started in 1988 in Los Angeles, California as a single event named At the Beach. The event was organized by a small group of friends and their purpose was to bring together a community of persons of color who identified as queer. And so BGP always had a rich cultural component by focusing on various issues affecting LGBT Black communities including safe sex, racial biases, homophobia, healthcare reform, and domestic violence.

Since its onset in 1988 Black Pride has transformed from a single event into a lineup of events across major cities including New York City and Atlanta. These events include day parties, concerts, and panel discussions centered on sexual health, same-sex marriage and other issues.

As BGP became widespread there was a need to organize the celebrations across different cities. And so, Earl D. Fowlkes Jr., leader and activist, formed the International Federation of Black Prides (IFBE). The IFBE is now known as the Center for Black Equity (CBE) and consists of dozens of Businesses, individuals, sponsors, and media outlets host large scale events for the black LGBT community..

Black Pride Events

The largest Black Pride events are in Atlanta, New York City, and Washington DC. Tank, Cardi B, Dream Doll, and Milan Christopher have been some of the featured artists at Black Pride. During those events streets gets flooded with thousands of persons from other cities. Of all Black Prides I’ve attended so far I can say that I enjoyed DC Black Pride the most. During that time you’ll see factories of beautiful men dispersed throughout the city. And the parties are so much fun!!! You have options of going to rooftop parties, all-white affairs, underwear night parties, and countless other events.

Importance of Black Pride

Why visit a destination during a local Black Pride event You can learn about black gay culture and enjoying that experience. For instance Some of the biggest party promoters including Daryl Wilson and Laurence Pickney have thrown amazing events and parties for the black LGBT community.

Some argue that Black Pride celebrations cater to party goers. It’s more than that. It provides spaces where people from all walks of life can meet, laugh, dance, and have interesting dialogues. If you haven’t been to a Black Pride celebration you need to check it off your bucket list. Gay, straight, black, or white you will have the time of your life.

Here is a list of US cities(divided by US regions) and overseas destinations that host Black Pride:


Albany, New York-

New York, New York –

Rochester, New York-

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-


Atlanta, Georgia-
Austin, Texas-


Charlotte, North Carolina-

Columbia, South


Fayetteville, North Carolina

Gainesville, Florida-

Houston, Texas-

Jackson, Mississippi –

Lexington, Kentucky-

Little Rock, Arkansas

Memphis, Tennessee-

Nashville, Tennessee-

New Orleans, Louisiana-

Richmond, Virginia-

Washington, District of Columbia –


Akron, Ohio

Chicago, Illinois-

Cincinnati, Ohio-

Detroit, Michigan-

Indianapolis, Indiana

Kansas City, Missouri-

St. Louis, Missouri-


Los Angeles,

Seattle, Tacoma & Portland, Washington


Bridgetown, Barbados

London, England-

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Paris, France-

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