Turntable lab shakers in New York

Several things account for an enjoyable brunch/day party. Good food, good ambiance, and good music.

The selection of music at an event is critical to the success of an event. If the music played doesn’t cater to the crowd then the event may not be successful. However, if the music selection is good the attendees will undoubtedly enjoy themselves even if the ambiance and/or food horrible. Have you ever been to a ratchet event and overlooked the ratchetness because the music was entertaining? I have been and I could assure you alot of people feel the same way I do.

In sum disk jockeys, persons who play recorded music, are essential to any party or event. Djs are often undercredited or overlooked for their work. Djing is more than turning tables and speaking over a microphone. It’s a craft like any other form of art. You have to be extremely aware of your environment so that you’ll know what songs to play and what songs not to play. You also need to exhibit great social/interpersonal skills since you’ll be interacting with crowds of people and hosts(who are not always nice). I’ve spoke with a Dj who stated, “I worked in some of the most bottom clubs you can imagine”. Her story resembles other Dj’s stories in which they worked tirelessly to build and hone their craft.

So salute Djs. Any event planner or party promoter would attest to the fact that the music is the most important component to an event. Here are some turntable lab shakers taking over the NYC scene whether it’s at a brunch spot or a club:

1. Poison Ivy

turntable lab shaker

2. Max Damian Wendling

turntable lab shaker
credit: maxdamianwendling/facebook

3. Smoove

turntable lab shaker
credit: geedjsmoovejames/facebook

4. Frankie Paradise

credit: frankieparadise/facebook

5. Kenneth Kyrell

turntable lab shaker
credit: kennethkyrell/facebook

Those turntable lab shakers listed above are popular both in the gay and straight community.   Whether you like them or not still remember that DJs are important to any party and many events.