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Eat, drink, and slay. The motto for the typical fashionista.

Fashion plays a huge role in society. In fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris, and New York fashion is even more common. People travel to those cities to shop at exclusive stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Rinascente to purchase clothing.


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Some may condemn fashion as solely a marker of status. But it can’t be argued that it is a form of expression and identity. Fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, even quoted “Fashion is about something that comes from within you”. For instance, a person who likes to wear high end clothing such as Fendi and Prada may identify themselves as high class. Even if a person is not interested in fashion they still express themselves through their appearance and style of dress. A person who’s against wearing expensive brand name apparel may wear inexpensive clothing to go against the status quo. And so, consciously and subconsciously fashion impacts how we perceive ourselves and how others perceives us.

During celebratory times and certain occasions we become more conscious of our appearance. Here in New York many persons pride themselves in dressing fashionably well for different occasions. Brunch is one of those occasions. For many women and gays like myself our objective at brunch is to eat, drink, and slay(be on your A1 game around the gays, otherwise you’ll feel the flames). During brunch you will see individuals flashing Gucci bags, Yeezy footwear, and other sexy apparel as a means of setting a good impression on others. I too myself dress fashionably well during brunch. Wearing a dry clean pink polo with polo madras shorts boots my self image.

I’m not suggesting anyone to become materialistic in regards to clothing and accessories. If you just bought a Moncler jacket and don’t have money to eat then that’s a problem. (I’ve seen it happen too often). I just advise everyone to take heed to good fashion sense, especially here in New York. It sets a good impression when you meet others but more importantly it can boost your self image.

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