The Do’s and Don’ts of Brunching


My mother always told me never play around at the table.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch.

At young ages we’re taught good table etiquette.  We know not to talk while we eat, avoid certain conversations, and act pleasant while we’re sharing a meal with others.  These rules make for a peaceful and joyous time at the table.

The rules of table etiquette apply to different meal experiences, including brunch.  While brunch is usually less formal than dinner one still should be mindful of their manners and behaviors at the table.  You can enjoy a martini or mimosa while practicing good table manners.  And so, a brunch outing can be very enjoyable.

But the brunch experience can also be disastrous if a person or people lack good etiquette.  There has been times when I went to brunch and witnessed incidents that would happen in a nightclub after 2am.  If a person is too drunk, has an unpleasant demeanor, or lacks good table manners the meal experience won’t be as enjoyable as it should be.  There are do’s and don’t’s when it comes to having a meal.  Here are some rules for good brunch etiquette:

1.Drink to moderation– If you’re a light drinker be very mindful of what you drink and how much you drink.  If you constantly say, “I’m good” then clearly you are not.  Avoid drinking a long iced tea and/or multiple glasses of mimosas it you’re a light d


2.Pay a fair portion of the bill– I absolutely can not brunch with cheap or slick individuals.  If your table decides to split the bill before you eat then you should stand by that.  If people pay for their share of food and drinks then each should pay their portion as stated.  Nothing is worse than a table of people posing as accountants when the bill arrives.


3.Respect yourself and others- You’re at brunch to have a good time.  Whatever prior issue you have with someone at brunch should be addressed another time.  Get gully in the ring, not at brunch.


4.Come sober- I’m in a fraternity(the best) so I’m all about drinking and having a good time.  But when it comes to brunch I suggest for one to come sober.  Coming to a brunch can be a huge turnoff.


5.Socialize- Don’t be stush.  The person you think is trying to hit on you probably just wants to chat.  Get off your phone and engage in with conversation with others.

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  1. March 7, 2018 at 12:39 am

    Love, love your tips especially the one about paying your fair share! Coming and leaving sober is a good one, too. hahaha

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