Eat and Sip Your Heart Out

iStock_wine.chocolatesValentine’s Day. A day of romance or a day of reckoning?

For many single individuals it’s the latter.

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of love.  It happens on February 14th and during this time couples and partners spend extra quality time with each other to celebrate their relationships.

Unfortunately, many single individuals feel physically and emotionally isolated during Valentine’s Day due to not having a partner.  Even persons in relationships experience loneliness if their partner is distant or they are going through strains in their relationship.

Luckily, I’ve always had a huge social support system so I never really felt alone during Valentine’s Day or any other another major observance.  On Valentine’s Day I would spend quality time with my close friends and family, persons who’ve been there for my through good and hard times(May sound lame but I’m being real lol).  Another way I

courtesy of Korbel

have enjoyed that special day is through a delicious meal(brunch to be specific)

Food is key to the heart.  It satisfies both our physiological and social needs by bring people together.  During meals people sit down and chat with one another about things that’s being going on with.  So whether you’re going through a bad relationship or feeling down Valentine’s Day can be a joyous day if you’re able to share a meal(and champagne) with a loved one or friend.  There are numerous restaurants and bars you can enjoy by yourself or with a significant other during Valentine’s Day.

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