7 Boozy Brunch Spots in NYC


Cuisines, cocktails, and conversations. The combination of a great brunch experience.

Brunch is a festive occasion among different groups of people. Brunch usually happens on a Saturday or Sunday and between breakfast and dinner. It’s a time where you can wind down and destress from your work week. You can catch up with old friends, meet with a special someone, or relax by yourself. If the food and drinks(mimosas) are tasty then brunch becomes a more joyous time.

Brunch existed since the 1930s in the United States. During that time period most restaurants were closed on Sundays and so hotels provided meals late morning meals on those days. Brunch rose in popularity from that time but it wasn’t till the 1990s that many restaurants began to serve brunch on Sundays and Saturdays.

As like any other meal experience brunch brings people together. Evidently, the brunch experience is highly enjoyed by different groups of people, especially the LGBT population. You will see flocks of people on the dance floor or seated at the table with mimosas in their hands.

Traditionally, brunch is one of the calmest meal experiences. That has changed and now the brunch experience has become a movable feast . Not only is there an option to eat and drink but you can also can be entertained by a live performance, a live DJ, or some other form of lavish entertainment. There is even a nationwide food festival, BrunchCon, which centers around the theme of brunch.

So what makes for an awesome brunch? Food, entertainment, and booze.

Here are some of the booziest brunch spots in NY:

Angel of Harlem

Angel of Harlem screams excitement. The food is good but the party atmosphere is even better. Every Sunday DJ Max Damian spins at this popular restaurant. Warning: If you walk in sober you may walk out extremely slumped.

angel of har
Courtesy of Angel of Harlem

Row House

Row House is another popular restaurant in Harlem. The ambiance is cute and the staff is friendly. Many organizations have hosted functions here including ItBoysEnt, Bloom, Mobitalks, and countless others. This definitely a spot to dine at if you’re in Harlem. Below the ground floor is another bar, Under Bar.

Courtesy of Row House


Woodland lies in the heart of Brooklyn. This is one of the best brunch spots in Brooklyn. Whether it’s late night or day time you’ll have a great time at Woodland. Just a few blocks from the Barclays Center this spot is packed with good energy and good vibes.

Courtesy of Woodland

Mamajuana Cafe

If you want a great brunch experience this spot definitely won’t disappoint. I’ve been here a couple of times for brunch and always enjoyed myself. The food selection is varied, the drinks are on point, and the atmosphere is vibrant. The brunch special is $29.99 per person which includes an unlimited buffet and brunch cocktails for about 2 hours. This Latin restaurant franchise has locations in Washington Heights and Woodside.

Courtesy of Mamajuana Cafe

Bronx Havana Cafe

Another Latin restaurant that will satisfy all your food urges. Located in the Bronx, Havana offers a mimosa/sangria brunch that is reasonably priced.

Courtesy of Bronx Havana Cafe


If you want good Southern cuisine and good drinks come to Soco. This restaurant offers both a Saturday and Sunday Brunch(which lasts till as late as 9:30pm!!). The place is spacious and has an indoor and outdoor area. FYI- The chicken and red velvet waffles are to die for!

Courtesy of Soco

Queens Bully

I love being a Queens resident. But for some time I preferred to go to Brooklyn or Harlem for brunch. Queens Bully has changed my mine. The restaurant has a dope vibe and the food is definitely on point. Melvin “Boot” Johnson, the owner of Queens Bully, was crowned the winner on Food Network’s “Chopped”.

Courtesy of Queens Bully

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